Top platforms to practice JavaScript coding in 2019

One of the upvoted answers to this on came from graphic artist Michel Poisson.

I’m 63, and eight months ago I decided to teach myself Blender 3D. It’s open source, written in C, and uses Python for scripting. Last summer it was HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. So from my perspective, 24 is as good a time as any.

The 40 years between the respondent and the doubter is the chink in our thought process that says it’s a young man’s game. Let’s repeat – there’s no age to learning. Once you are on that path, you just have to keep practicing. And today there are more ways than one way to sharpen your coding chops.

If you have picked up a programming language to learn or not, let’s start the class with some innovative websites.

1. On The Mozilla Developers Website

If you want to learn JavaScript free, then the Mozilla Developer’s JavaScript reference guide should become your best friend. In my opinion, this is one of the best JavaScript reference guides on the internet, and you would be stupid not to make use of it. It outlines pretty much everything that you need to know about JavaScript, including syntax, major concepts, and coding best practices. In fact, it’s my go-to resource whenever I’m having trouble getting my code right.Although this guide is primarily meant as a language reference, many of the pages also contain JavaScript exercises that I’ve found to be perfect for practicing difficult concepts. Unfortunately, you won’t find exercises on every reference page, but it’s definitely worth working through any that you do come across.

2. With The JavaScript Exercises On Hacker Earth

Hacker Earth was one of the first JavaScript practice websites that I came across. It was without a doubt one of my favorite resources when I was learning to code with JavaScript, and I’ve spent countless hours working through their exercises. The Hacker Earth website offers two different types of JavaScript practice which are suited to different people of different skill levels. They include:Simple Coding ChallengesHacker Earth has one of the largest coding challenge libraries that I’ve found. It contains a huge variety of different types of exercises that are designed to help you practice and build your coding knowledge. In most cases, you will be given an end goal that you need to reach, a starting point, and in some cases, a few tips to help you along the way. How you reach your end goal is up to you, and this is one of the features that make these exercises so good for practicing JavaScript.

Live CompetitionsAlong with their traditional coding practice exercises, Hacker Earth also offers a range of live coding competitions. Most of these are suited to people with somewhat advanced coding knowledge, but don’t let this stop you from participating! In many cases, these competitions will offer real-money prizes and significant publicity for people who are good enough to win. It could be worth putting in a bit of time and effort to see just how good you are!javascript exercises

3. By Working Through The BitDegree jQuery Guide

jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries in the world. It is designed to help people put together more code faster and more efficiently. Since it is based on JavaScript, a lot of people claim that learning jQuery is a great way to improve your knowledge.While working through the BitDegree jQuery Tutorial isn’t the same as completing exercises in the traditional sense, it will still give you plenty of JavaScript practice. As you work through the tutorial you will come across various JavaScript exercises. As a bonus, you also get to practice your HTML and CSS skills when you’re working with jQuery!If you’re a complete beginner, I would recommend working through the Interactive JavaScript Tutorial first (which I looked at above), and then having a look at the text-based jQuery Tutorial. The basics of JavaScript that you will learn and practice in the first course will give you enough knowledge to learn jQuery. Practicing using jQuery will, in turn, reinforce and help you build on your JavaScript.

4. With Paqmind Challenges

As a young coding professional, I’m always looking for new ways to learn and build on my skills. I recently came across a relatively new website, Paqmind, which offers a wide range of JavaScript exercises. Along with practice exercises, Paqmind also provides full answers and explanations – something that is extremely useful for inexperienced learners.The thing that stood out to me is the fact that these exercises are somewhat different from most of the ones you will come across when you’re trying to learn JavaScript online. They feature:

  • Absolutely no sandboxes. This means that all of the work is done in your own code editor, on your own computer. While this is more difficult than writing code directly in your browser, it will help you practice using your code editor.
  • Exercises created by experts. Unlike many JavaScript exercise websites, the challenges on Paqmind are created solely by experienced programmers. You can rest easy with the knowledge that they’re going to be accurate and high-quality.
  • Different formats. These include standard ‘problem solving’ JavaScript exercises, along with quizzes and other tasks.
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Although they don’t have a huge number of them, I would recommend making use of Paqmind’s exercises and other resources to help build your JavaScript knowledge.

5. Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke

Eloquent JavaScript is a digital book about coding with the language. You can access the entire thing online, which is great if you plan to have the content open on another device. If you’d like you can also purchase the book in a traditional print (physical) copy. Eloquent JavaScript is ideal for coders of any level.

Price: Free; physical copy starts at $19


6. Wikibooks JavaScript Guide

Wikibooks JavaScript Guide is essentially a crowdsourced online tutorial. Don’t take that to mean the content is shoddy, because it’s top-notch and extremely useful. It’s also a great resource if you’re looking for a something specific.

Price: Free


7. JavaScript Is Sexy

This website offers a comprehensive roadmap for learning JavaScript “the right away,” and it applies to all skill levels from beginner to experienced programmers. There are tons of resources listed — and linked — too, some of which you might not even find here.

Price: Free

7. JavaScript Garden

This site goes more in-depth with JavaScript, by offering “a growing collection of documentation about the most quirky parts of the […] language.” It’s an ideal resource for all skill levels, including experienced coders.

Price: Free

8. WTFjs

Every once in a while when you’re coding you come across something strange or quirky, either through something you’ve done or through the language itself. WTFjs is dedicated to those moments and serves as a collection of JavaScript irregularities that may crop up while you’re working with the language. This is a good one to memorize because you’ll wind up needing it at some point.

Price: Free

9. JavaScript Tutorial by W3schools

This is a free online JavaScript course that you can take through W3schools — they offer a wide variety of programming lessons. When you’re done, you can take a final exam to earn a JavaScript certification. It’s a good place for beginner to intermediate coders. Experienced programmers might come across a thing or two here, but there’s no sense in sorting through all the basic lessons to locate something relevant.

Price: Free

10. JavaScript Guide by

The WebPlatform JavaScript guide is straightforward and reads like a textbook or educational resource. It has valuable information for all levels of experience and offers a targeted web development section for beginners.