Three Controversial Charts From the State of JavaScript 2018

“Controversial” is literally the most overused word on the Internet, with the possible exception of “literally”. But this time it’s true: some of the charts in our 2018 State of JavaScript survey results generated a lot more debate than others. Let’s see why!

I’m sure you’ve heard that there’s a gender gap in tech.

(Note: it was actually not that easy to find other developer surveys to see if ours and Stack Overflow were outliers or not. If you find any please let me know!)

As you can imagine, this chart generated a lot of disappointed tweets. So what can be done? Our first instinct was to find ways to reach out to more women and minorities, and that’s certainly a good first step. But while making the survey itself more inclusive is necessary (and we have some ideas around that, starting with translating it to other languages), it’s also important to remember that a survey only reflects reality.



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