Single-SPA Starting From Scratch


single-spa allows you to build micro frontends that coexist and can each be written with their own framework. If you’d like to learn how to use single-spa with Angular, Vue, or other frameworks, checkout this example. And if you’d rather use a different build system instead of webpack, check out this example Read more about separating applications using single-spa.

Be sure to read through the single-spa docs, check the single-spa github and the help section for more support.

Step One: Project Set up

Create a new directory to house our project, followed by a src folder to hold all of our micro-service applications. Then, the root of our new project, initialize the package manager of your choice and install single-spa. For this tutorial, we will be using yarn.

mkdir single-spa-simple-example && cd single-spa-simple-example
mkdir src
yarn init              # or npm init
yarn add single-spa    # or npm install --save single-spa


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