Node.js and JS foundations are merging to form OpenJS

The Node.js Foundation and the JS Foundation, which the Linux Foundation launched in 2016, are merging to form the OpenJS Foundation. The merger between the two chief organizations that focus on JavaScript comes six months after they publicly began to explore such a possibility with their communities.

The OpenJS Foundation will focus on hosting and funding activities that support the growth of JavaScript and web technologies, the Linux Foundation said in a press release. The OpenJS Foundation consists of 29 open source JavaScript projects including jQuery, Node.js, Appium, Dojo, and webpack.

The merger is supported by 30 corporate and end user members including Google, Microsoft, IBM, PayPal, GoDaddy, and Joyent that recognize the “interconnected nature of the JavaScript ecosystem, and the importance of providing a neutral home for projects which represent significant shared value,” the Linux Foundation said in a prepared statement.

All of these members, as well as several major tech giants, rely on the JavaScript programming language and several projects by the two foundations to a varying degree. In fact, the vast majority of web pages use JavaScript.

The quest to find a neutral home comes amid years of governance tussle in the Node.js community. In August 2017, a third of the technical steering committee that oversees day-to-day governance of Node.js’ projects reportedly quit.



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