Infosys Placement Paper and Experience

Hi Guys,

I am a final year BTech student. Infosys conducted a campus placement in our college some days back and I am one of the few lucky ones to be selected. Just thought of sharing my experiences with you all as it may help some of you.

We were all very excited to hear that Infosys will be visiting our campus to pick up some students and we started preparing for the interview. Finally, the Interview day came – we gathered in the seminar hall for the pre-placement talks, as advised.

The pre-placement talk lasted for about 45-50 minutes in which they informed us about the company, its services, culture etc. (listen to this talk carefully, it will help you in facing the interview).

After this talk, we were required to move to a hall for the written test. Before the test began we were given a form to fill up. The examiners advised us through all the steps to fill up the form. Fill it up carefully – don’t be in a hurry to finish.

After the form, we were required to take a written test consisting of questions on:

a.) Reasoning (30 questions, 40 minutes)
b.) Verbal (40 questions, 35 minutes)

The reasoning section consisted of :

i.) Pictorial series
ii.) Questions on data sufficiency
iii.) Questions on data interpretation
iv.) Verbal and non-verbal puzzles
v.) Questions on cubes
vi.) Syllogism questions

This section is quite easy to clear if you have practised well and attempt the test properly.

The second section was a bit of challenge with the basic purpose of checking the English skills. This section had following types of questions:

i.) Correcting the sentences
ii.) Questions on tenses
iii.) Prepositions
iv.) Large passage – with questions – really large.

Habituate yourself to read large passages quickly and refer to a good grammar book before you appear for the test.

The candidates shortlisted from this test were called for an HR interview. The questions which I faced in the HR interview are:

1. Tell me something about yourself.
2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
3. Why did you choose Computer Science?
4. What are your hobbies?
5. Why do you want to work at Infosys?

The key to success here is good time management and communication skills.

Best of Luck!