Infosys Placement Experience & Process for Freshers – 2016

Infosys Placement Experience & Process for Freshers – 2016

On 14th November, Infosys visited our college campus in Vijaywada, for placements.

More than 1000 students appeared for the written test, out of which approximately 400 got shortlisted for the next round.

Finally, the company made an offer to some 240 freshers for the position of system engineers.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria put forward by the company needed us to have scored:

  • At least first class in SSC.
  • An aggregate of 70% marks in Engineering

They entertained only those candidates who did not have backlogs in previous semesters.

Selection Process

The selection process at Infosys was well-structured. We had to go through following two rounds:

1. Written Test
2. Personal Interview (PI)

1. Written Test

The written test was divided into two sections – Aptitude test and Verbal Ability test.

Aptitude test comprised of 30 questions with a time limit of 40 minutes. Questions in aptitude were from puzzles, syllogism, DI, picture reasoning and blood relations.

Verbal ability test section had 40 questions for which we were given 35 minutes. Questions included sentence completion/correction, passages, vocabularies, fill in the blanks and theme detections.

2. Personal Interview

After qualifying aptitude and verbal ability, there was personal interview with the Senior Project Manager. This was the second and last round of the selection process. The interview questions covered both technical and non-technical topics.

Some of the questions they asked were:

Non- technical questions

1. Please introduce yourself.
2. What is your favourite subject and why?
3. Why do you want to work for us?
4. If Accenture offers you a better package than us, what would you do?
5. Would you be OK to work in shifts?
6. What have you done in your project?
7. There were quite a few questions based on what we had written in our resume.

Technical questions

1. What do you mean by 3NF in DBMS?
2. What is join in DBMS?
3. What is pass by value and pass by reference?
4. What is Operating System?
5. Difference between C++ and Java.
6. What is pointer?
7. They asked some tricky questions on pointer.
8. Also asked to write double linked list programs.

The company selected the required candidates and offered the joining letter after two days of recruitment.

Some tips that can help you crack your placement test at Infosys:

  • Be thorough with your resume. Expect questions based on what you have written in it.
  • Study your project well. Expect questions from this section as well.
  • When you say that ‘X’ is your favourite subject, make sure that you have a good knowledge about it.
  • Prepare C++ and Java well. They ask a lot of questions from these subjects. Find the output type of questions were asked to a lot of my friends.
  • Find out the information about the company. At times they ask, what do you know about us.
  • Be confident with your answers and gesture but don’t sound arrogant and stubborn.
  • They need people who can be trained. Show them that you are open to learn new things and trainable.