IBM Reasoning Test 2015

Posted on :01-02-2016
int i=10;
ANS: compiler dependent
printf(“Enter two values a and b:”):
ANS: core dumped
Q3. Question on WM_SIZE
Q4. When destroy window what message would display
Q5. S Windows 3.1 about multitasking
ANS: nonpre-emptive
Q6. Windows 3.1 is
ANS: Application
Q7. About switch switch statement
Q8. Question paper the first question ans is
ANS: cant be compiled
Q9. About send messages and post messages
ANS: c
Q10.What is the command to initiate the windows
ANS: Win Main
Q11What is the difference between the above tow?.
const char *
char * const
Q12. In Unix inter process communication take place using?.
Q13. What are the files in /etc directory?.
Q14. About i-node numbers
Q15. Max relaxable permission value with out giving write permission to others?
Q16. About ln (linking)
Q17. A question on until
until (who |grep mary)
Q18. Linking across directories?.
Q19. Process id for kernel process
Q20. Very first process created by kernel
Q21. Function to repaint a window immediately?.
Q22. Function entry for DLL in win3.1
Q23. Win 3.1 supports which type of multi tasking?.
Q24. Message displayed when a window is destroyed
Q25. About fork()?
Q26. About send message and post message
Q27. Message to limit the size of window
Q28. System call executable binary file into a process
Q29. About GDI object?.
Q30. API used to hide window
Q31. Initialize contents of a dialog?.