IBM Aptitude Questions

Posted on :01-02-2016
Q1. 10^10^10 how much time will it take to write this number,if it takes 1 sec to write 1 digit.

a. 1000 secs.
b. 10 year.
c. more than 1 million years.
d. a few days.

ANS: more than 1 million years.

Q2. Starting from 2 up to how many numbers we need to check whether 907 is prime or not?

Q3. A persons age is similar to the year he was born (last two digits is counted as age)

ANS: 80

Q4. What is YACC?
ANS: yet another compiler compiler.

Q5. Flop is a unit of? 

ANS: processing speed.


#define hello(x,y) printf(#expr”%d”,expr);
float x=1,y=2;
ANS: x/y=1;

Q7. Time and work and days.(easy questions).

Q8. A&B fill 3 litres and 5 litres of oil in the car. C pays Rs. 8/- to A7B. How much will A get?

Q9. A question on set was given that less than 30 persons in class.

ANS: cannot be determined.

Q10. 4 cows are there at the four corners of a square. if the radius of the rope is 1 and length of one side of the square is 14, find the area along the square which the cow cannot gaze.


Q11. Two glasses were filled with 1/3 and 1/4 milk. they were filled with water &then mixed in tumbler. What is the percentage of milk in the resultant.

Q12. Average speed 2xy/x+y.

Q13. A belongs to the truther tribe  who says yes. B belongs to the liters tribe who says no always. when A&B were asked to which group do they belonged to both of them replied yes.when a third person C was asked whether A&B belong to same group, he notified groups he answered No. to which group do A,B and C belong? 


Q14. There were three clocks they gave alarm after 24 secs, 12 secs and 36 secs. if they rang simultaneously at 8:20, then at what time they again rang simultaneously? (something like this but numbers may differ). 

ANS: 8:27:12

Q15. A plane starts from a place A , it goes 1000 kms south then 1000 km east then 1000 km north and 1000 km west, what is it distance from the starting place? 

ANS: same starting place.

Q16. Question on Bipartite graph(definition)
Q17. Heap-sorting algorithm time complexity.

ANS: n(log)n

Q18. White-box testing.

Q19. Postfix evaluation of: (A+B)*C(Ans: AB+C*)

Q20. question on catch-throw? c++

Q21. What is the output?


ANS: stack overflow.

Q22. What is the output?

char a,b;


Q22. Five file sizes given. What should be the order of their access so that least time is taken.

ANS: least size first.

Q23. SQL query does what?