How to get good interview calls through How to prepare a good resume for

There are basically two ways through which your CV reaches the recruiter:

  • You match the recruiter’s search criteria: keyskills, work experience, location, education, salary bracket, etc. (It is a keyword based search at Naukri)
  • You actively keep logging into your naukri account. (There is a filter through which the recruiter can filter the CVs which have been active recently)

For example, if I am a recruiter an I’m looking for a PHP developer, I’d want someone who knows PHP and related technologies. Therefore I would search for CVs with related keywords.

Now let us assume that I got a CV which clearly matches my requirement and is therefore a perfect match. But it turns out that the candidate hasn’t logged-in in ages. Hence all my efforts would go in vain as the candidate would never respond. So I filter out all the profiles beforehand based on their ‘active in’ period (which could be anywhere between 1 day to 1+ year depending upon the urgency of my requirement) . The design, layout, language of your CV hardly matter. If it’s informative enough and clean, that should be enough.


Every job portable follows the same algorithm in displaying the job seekers to the recruiters. So follow the below steps.

  1. Prepare your resume in plain doc format. It should be in MS-Word document format. Do not upload resumes with graphical contents or pdf files. It’s a mess for HR’s and recruiters.
  2. Write down your experience in the experience Tab and mention your key skills correctly. Ex: Marketing Executive with 2+ years of experience in FMCG Industry. Key Skills : Channel Marketing, FMCG Sales, Distributor Sales.
  3. Keep searching for jobs every day. It will highlight your resume for HR’s that you are an active job seeker. Remember the above algorithm I was talking about ?
  4. Last point is: When HR’s call you to inquire for job, talk to them properly. Don’t show your attitude. It doesn’t work. Remember you are at receiving end.