Google+ Will Shut Down on April 2 2019 . Here is why !

The end is finally in sight for Google’s ill-fated social media venture Google+.

The company announced this week that Google+ will officially shut down April 2, after Google initially announced it would end the service back in fall.

Google acknowledged the main reason it’s shutting the social arm down, noting its low usage in a blog post announcing the end date. That, coupled with the struggle to live up to expectations and security concerns, has made Google+ simply not worth keeping around.

Google did not directly address the security concerns in its post, but a security flaw left nearly 500,000 users data exposed to third-party app developers. After that was fixed, another issue was found, which led to an earlier shut down date in April. Now, Google has revealed its full timeline to wind down the service.

Here is why and when Google plans to shut down its Google Plus service

Citing The Mercury News, The Hill reported that the service is being shut down on April 2 due to  security concerns.

It said the closure of Google Plus comes six months after the Internet giant said it would expedite the shut down process.

The Hill said it approached Google for comments and it has yet to receive an answer.

The report further said the service was scheduled to be closed in August, but Google announced that a vulnerability affecting millions of users forced it to expedite the process.

“No third party compromised our systems, and we have no evidence that the app developers that inadvertently had this access for six days were aware of it or misused it in any way,” Google’s vice president of product management David Thacker was reported by The Hill to have written on the software bug last year.

It was start on 8 October, When Google decided to Shutdown Google Plus Due to some Security Concerns

Google, the giant multinational American tech company, has taken a huge decision of shutting down the Google social media platform, Google Plus for the consumers on Monday, October 8, 2018. After years of considerations, Google Company finally made this decision and accepted that Google Plus failed to gain such an engagement that the company had expected. As soon as the news of Google Plus shutting down spread in the market, the curiosity among the consumers has taken a major hype. While some are speculating the Google Plus data breach is the reason behind the Google+ shutting down, others are guessing that the unpopularity of the Google+ among all the leading social platforms could be the possible reason for this decision.

Notably, Google accepted the fault in the social networks API that is believed to affect as many as half a million potential Google Plus users’ accounts. According to Google, the company has detected the flaw somewhere in March 2018 – even before the Google I/O 2018 – and patched the issue soon after. However, the company decided to keep the issue secret. After the Facebook data breach, it is quite scandalous that we have placed our blind trust in giant social network platforms and email services Gmail etc.

Note : Google announce that they will shut down google plus by august 2019. But Then after the second security breach happens. Where google plus public API share more then 52 million users data

“How google feel after second data breach”

Just Kidding*

Google Plus Shutting Down Early After Another Data Breach

Right after the day when Google announce about the Google Plus Data Breach a few months ago, the company publicized about the Google+ shutting down. Notably, a major security bug in Google Plus affected as many as 50+ million Google accounts that resulted in user data leak of all the affected Google + accounts to third-party developers. Consequently, Google’s official representative has announced that the company is going to be shut down the Google Plus services for its users in August 2019. However, things got even worse when the company has found out that another privacy breach is making Google Plus user data and personal information accessible to developers. As per Google’s official spokesperson, a November software updated caused Google + API to make the users’ personal data visible to developers.


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