Cognizant Off Campus Recruitment Drive | 2019 Batch | 25 NOV 2018

Cognizant Off Campus Recruitment Drive | 2019 Batch | 25 NOV 2018

It was a 2 day long process i.e First day (Online test) and the Second day (Technical and HR). Trust me, there was a huge of competition among the candidates. The criteria that they had set was 60% throughout (including 10th, 12th and Graduation Degree). Relaxation of maximum 1 years within academics was entertained, with no active backlog in any subject among all semester. The post that they were offering was Program Analyst Trainee.


The platform of the test was AMCAT, one of the platform that many companies uses for their recruitment process.

These were the following sections :

Quantitative – 14 Ques – 16 mins.
Verbal – 25 Ques – 22 mins.
Logical – 16 Ques – 14 mins.
AutoFix – 7 Ques – 20 mins.

Some questions:

1. Three cubes of edges 6 cms, 8 cms and 10 cms are meted without loss of metal into a single cube. The edge of the new cube will be:

8 cms
12 cms
14 cms
16 cms

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If 378 coins consist of rupee, 50 paise and 25 paise coins, whose values are proportional to 13 :11 : 7, the number of 50 paise coins will be :


3. A person travels 48 kms at 12 kms/hour and further 48 kms at 16km.s/hour. His average speed for the whole

14 km/hour

4. Simplify (0.001344 / 0.3 x 0.7) = ?


5. The difference of two numbers is 11 and one fifth of their sum is 9. The numbers are :

31, 20
30, 19
29, 18
28, 17

6. How many numbers between 1 and 100 are divisible by 7 ?



7. What is the number which when multiplied by 13 is increased by 180?


8. In 24 minutes, the hour hand of a clock moves through an angle of:


9. √0.0081 is equal to :


10. A reduction of 20% in the price of mangoes enables a person to purchase 12 more for Rs. 15. What was the price of 16 mangoes before reduction of price ?

Rs. 6
Rs. 5
Rs. 9



The entire online test was of intermediate difficulty, if you are good at quantitative problems just the verbal section of the test needs a bit of attention. There are about 5-6 passages and each one have 2-3 questions related to it.

267 students cleared the online test the results were announced later that day in the evening.


The following day all the students those were shortlisted for the technical interview were excepted to submit their resumes to the officials. The process started around 3 p.m. and I got my call for the interview around 5 in evening.

1. Briefly introduce yourself.
2. Are you doing any project currently? Please elaborate it.
3. What’s your favourite subject? In my case, its Java and DBMS.
Afterward all questions will be related to your favourite subjects.
4. What is DBMS?
5. What are the different types of DMBS?
6. What is RDBMS?
7. What is the difference between RDBMS and DBMS?
8. What is MySQL? Is it RDBMS or DBMS?
9. How we store data in RDBMS?
10. RDBMS also store data in .sql format file. So how can we differentiate the file of DBMS and RDBMS?
11. What is Primary Key? How it is different from Unique Key?
12. What is Foreign Key and How we use it to create connection between tables?
13. What are attributes?
14. What are the different types of SQL Languages? Explain them briefly with examples.
15. Where we can use CREATE command? Write a query using CREATE.
16. Now, use CREATE command to create something else except these two (TABLE and DATABASE).
17. Which type of Programming Language is JAVA?
18. What is OOP?
19. What are the features of OOP?
20. What is Abstraction?
21. What is Abstract Class?
22. We can create how many instance of an abstract class? Explain with an example.
23. Do you want to ask any question?


1. Again, briefly introduce yourself.
2. How was your day today?
3. What have you done from the morning till now?
4. Do you have any project on which you are currently working?
5. Please can you explain that?
6. Please write some code of your project, starting with database connectivity. Take your time.
I wrote 1 page of JAVA code with database table schema and some random data in it.
7. Then he asked to explain the whole code.
8. After that he asked me, do you know about Software Development Life Cycle?
9. What are the different stages in it?
10. What are the different Life Cycle Model?
11. Which one of them is best and why?
12. Then he asked me to write to reverse the string without using reverse function.
13. Write a query to get the second highest number from the student_marks table.
14. Do you have any question to ask?


1. Now Again, Introduce yourself.
2. What do you know about cognizant.
3. What is the current revenue of cognizant?
4. What are your hobbies?
5. Do you have any interest in sport? (I answered : Cricket)
6. Do you like fielding? What’s your favourite position?
7. What are the different fielding positions in cricket?
8. What’s your role in cricket? (I answered : Bowler)
9. Do you play for any team like college team or just casual? (I answered : Just Casual)
10. Who is your favourite cricketer? (I answered : Bhuvneshwar Kumar)
11. Okay, Apart from these things (cricket and college study), What do you do in your free-time?
12. Which type of sketch, you usually do?
13. Why do you want to join cognizant?
14. How cognizant will help you to improve your skill?
15. Do you have any problem from night shift?