CloudFlare’s NodeJs to Workers Story

What Was The Issue :

Cloudflare Marketplace hosts a variety of apps, most of which are produced by third party developers, but some are produced by Cloudflare employees.

The Spotify app is one of those apps that was written by the Cloudflare apps team. This app requires an OAuth flow with Spotify to retrieve the user’s token and gather the playlist, artists, other Spotify profile specific information. While Cloudflare manages the OAuth authentication portion, the app owner – in this case Cloudflare Apps – manages the small integration service that uses the token to call Spotify and formats an appropriate response. Mysteriously, this Spotify OAuth integration broke.

Teams at Cloudflare are keen to remain  agile, adaptive, and constantly learning. The current Cloudflare Apps team no longer comprises the original team that developed the Spotify OAuth integration. As such, this current team had no idea why the app broke. Although we had various alerting and logging systems, the Spotify OAuth server was lost in the cloud.

What Cloud Flare Tried :

Cloudflare Workers are built on top of the Service Workers spec. Instead of mutating the response and calling methods on the response object like in Express, we need to respond to ‘fetch’ events. The code below adds an event listener for fetch events (incoming requests to the worker), receiving a FetchEvent as the first parameter. The FetchEvent has a special method called respondWith that accepts an instance of Response or a Promise which resolves to a Response……….

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